How to build processes you and your clients will love.

From people to process.  April saw me post blogs about people.  In May I moved on to processes. We work hard to build our practices.  We are good -  no, make that great -  at what we do.  We want more.  More work, more clients, more success.  

"Fear of Failure:  How to learn to love marketing" deals with the day to day stress of doing our job and still having the energy to get up and get out to meet the people that might just hire us.  There are processes we can engage to represent us out there in our markets while we are building our practices.  These same processes can steer clients to your knowledge, your projects and your expertise 24/7/365.  They can tip the balance in your favor.

When your client does bring your firm into a project, how your process delivers the work will come under his scrutiny.  How you work with others and develop his project as though it is your project will be noticed.  "THINK:  How to become ONE with the client" takes you into the clients mind and discusses what's important to them in the way you think and act.  Read about it.

"It's so hard to win clients, why give them away?"

You won!  Actually you won a year or two ago and honestly you've been too busy moving on to the next client and project to call back to that wonderful past client.  Don't let it happen to your firm.  "It's your client to lose" offers ideas on how to keep the competitions clammy hands off your hard earned clients. It's so hard to win clients, why give them away?

These topics are deep and rich with ideas you may want to use.  Give me a call to help you build a program to market, think and keep the best clients you'll ever have.

William M. Burwell is a retired Architect and Interior Designer whose career focused on corporate interior architecture in sole proprietorships, and partnerships from 9 to 120 staff. Bill retired in 2014 and began Burwell Consulting a Firm Marketing and Management Consulting firm, to share the wisdom and experience of those 45 years. Bill writes articles sharing his experience in four keystone practice areas: Marketing, Design, Project Management and Practice Management. He graduated from the University of Houston College of Architecture in 1971 and now serves the College on the Dean's Committee on Excellence. Check him out at